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When it comes to caring for your masterpiece...we have just the right formula. We prefer a little bit of "wet healing", a large splash of cleanliness, a dab of natural moisture and lots of love. We have created the perfect aftercare system for you, equipped with everything you need to take care of your healing art.  Handmade products tailored to aid in optimal healing with ease. 

Our all natural aftercare cream was originally created when our owners daughter was suffering from eczema. When steroid creams weren't working effectively ... she did tons of research to select

all natural products great for skin rejuvenation and calming effects.  Many people love this cream so much, that we made a larger size to care for the longevity of your tattoo and all of your skin! The aftercare kit comes with a small jar that will last you throughout the duration of your healing, however you can now purchase it in a larger quantity for continued care.



001. Is the heart shape candy?

NO, it is not. It is Anti-Bacterial Soap.

002. What’s in the aftercare cream?

Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Emu Oil, Vitamin E Oil

003. How much is the aftercare kit?

$25, plus tax

004. What’s included in the aftercare kit?

Anti-bacterial soap, Inked Everafter Cream, PII Stress Ball, additional saniderm (if applied at the end of tattoo session)

005. How do I purchase the aftercare kit or inked ever after cream?

You can add it on during your booking, or you can ask to add it on during your session.


“I bought the aftercare box which that had different little goodies inside, and the all natural ointment and soap that was included was different. Trust me and just go to them for your next ink session.”


“I love the cleanliness of the shop and the aftercare packaging. As of today I will go NO WHERE else but Pretty In Ink to get my tattoos.”



Saniderm minimizes the risk of infection by protecting your tattoo with a breathable barrier that keeps the tattoo moisturized with your bodies natural healing element, plasma, It keeps the open wound from scabbing, which is detrimental to the design while minimizing the risk of infection from airborn bacteria, dust and dander.  Finally, you can wear it for several days, allowing you to skip the frequent washing and ointment applying that can create a tacky surface for bacteria and lessen the risk of infection.


You’ll notice that fluid will gather underneath of your Saniderm bandage during the first 24 hours making your new tattoo appear murky ; this is a mix of plasma, ink, and a minimal amount of blood, and is completely normal. Approximately 24 hours after the completion of your tattoo, you will change the bandage Wash your hands, and gently peel off the existing Saniderm. Wash the tattoo with  soap, and warm water. Make sure all the soap has been rinsed, then gently pat dry with a clean paper towel. The area must be completely dry, with no ointments or lotions. Peel the provided Saniderm, as shown at your appointment, and adhere it to your tattoo. If needed, have a friend help. Leave the second piece of Saniderm on for approximately 3-4  days. From here, you can apply “Ink Pretty” all natural aftercare cream to your tattoo for the duration of your healing process. If you begin to see any bumps, severe pain or onset of an allergy to the adhesive, remove immediately and contact your artist. Do not submerge your tattoo under water for 2-3 weeks or expose to direct sunlight. Do not pick the scab or scratch your tattoo. Try to avoid wearing clothing or jewelry that rubs over your tattoo until it is completely healed.








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