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If you're hesitation for tattoos lies within the pain...

Tattoos hurt...they say. What if we told you that's a thing of the past? At Pretty In Ink, we offer an optional medical-grade numbing service for clients who wish to beautify their bodies with ink...but could do without the painful process. We decided to offer this service with influence from our very own Jackie's entertaining dislike for pain during the tattoo process. "Earning" your tattoo is a thing of the past.

“When I was reading the reviews about the numbing cream, I honestly thought it cant be THAT good…I was right it was EVEN BETTER.”

Shaquira Jade

“The numbing cream that she offers is a game changer as well! I won't do a tattoo at a different place from here on out!”

Cameron E.

“I received the numbing cream and it was amazing. No pain, hell I almost fell asleep.”

Kellie F.

“I didn’t prepay for numbing cream but decided AFTER my outline had been partially done that I couldn’t keep going without it; call it what you want, but “there’s no need to feel the pain of art anymore, paying for it, is more than enough) THEE BEST decision ever was getting that numbing cream! I’ll never get another tattoo without it!”

Takiya W.



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001. Do you sell the numbing cream by itself?

NO. The numbing cream is a "service," meaning you are not paying to buy a jar from us ... you are paying for the application, the time to sit for an hour and for your artist to take the extra time to check on your pain levels and reapply throughout the process.

002. How much is the numbing cream?

$120 for extra large, $100 for large, $80 for medium, $60 for small (you do not get to decide which one we apply .. it is based on the size and duration of your tattoo as advised by the artist.)

003. How long does it take for the numbing to take effect?

Approximately 1 hour, but the longer it sits the less you feel during the outline.  Do not hesitate to ask your artist if you can come in earlier than an hour for your application ... if someone is already at the shop working it is likely we will oblige.  The number and more comfortable YOU are, the easier our job is too! ITS A WIN WIN

004. How long does the numbing last after it’s applied?

For the duration of the tattoo session.   After we complete your outline, we reapply the numbing and allow it to sink into skin that has already been broken.  As we shade new areas of skin, we continue to apply it -- the outcome is that you are usually MORE numb by the end of your tattoo then when you started. Therefore, the longer the session, the more numb you'll be!

005. What’s in the numbing cream?


006. I saw some numbing cream on amazon, i think im just going to buy that instead ...

And that is more than fine ... but please apply it yourself prior to your tattoo and have it wiped off before you get in our chair.  We offer it as a service because it is a PROCESS (that process includes getting it off for proper stencil application too).  We cannot apply YOUR numbing cream throughout the process of the tattoo for liability reasons. BUT, what we can tell you is that numbing purchased "over the counter" has a maximum of 5% lidocaine in it and is in no way shape or form as effective as the medical grade we use.

006. Will the numbing cream mess up my tattoo?

No. We have been working with the cream for over 8 years and have mastered the technique of application and use throughout the tattoo. It will not mess up your tattoo.

007. Can i use if for my piercings?

Unfortunately, no. The numbing cream only numbs the nerve endings in the first few layers of skin. But you'll be fine ... that piercing is quick!

008. I'm getting two tattoos, is the fee for the numbing applied per session or per tattoo?

The numbing cream is priced per tattoo ... it is a service, not the bottle we are selling you.  We select which size you will need based on the tattoo you are getting.   Therefore, if two different areas are being tattooed--two different services much be purchased based on the size of each.

009. Does the numbing work? Everywhere?

The numbing cream works AMAZINGLY.  You can read all of the reviews on yelp, facebook and google ....but we will warn you--on areas like the hand and feet where you have less layers of skin between your bone, the numbing cream is less likely to numb you 100% initially for your outline.  In these areas, we DO recommend you come earlier than an hour so it has time to sit.  However, if you can't ... we do reapply it throughout the outline and shading/coloring process and as the tattoo goes on you are less likely to feel your tattoo.

010.  When will I feel my body part again? What can i expect as it wares off?

We spray you down one more time when your tattoo is complete, to help you get home and comfortable without experiencing the pain of a new tattoo.  Clients report feeling their tattoo about 2-4 hours after completion.  You can expect normal tattoo pain after your numbing wares off.  Tightness of the skin, pain to the touch, redness, and swelling.  We recommend ibuprofen for swelling and discomfort as well as ice (with proper barrier to skin) to help with swelling.

011. Is the numbing price included in my tattoo quote?

Nope.  We are simply quoting you for your artwork.  Along with your quote, we will tell you which size numbing you will need to book if you so choose. 

012. How do I add the numbing service to my appointment?

After you have inquired with your artist. they will send you a booking link with directions on which artist to chose and how long to book.  They will also advise which size numbing you will need to add on if you chose to include the service.  During booking there is an add on section where you will manually choose and add on this service yourself.

013.  I changed my mind, I booked the numbing but I don't want it.

Sorry, we love you to pieces.  But once you have selected this service we begin the process of acquiring the cream to ensure we have it in stock for your tattoo.  You cannot cancel this service.

014.  I'm running late, I don't think I will be there an hour early for my numbing service.

Again, sorry.  We do our best to accommodate ... but if you are running late for your numbing, it will push the artist into running late for your tattoo ... and therefore the rest of the tattoos for that day.  If you are TOO late, we will tell you just to forgo the application of the cream before your outline.  We can do the outline of the tattoo and apply the numbing once the skin has been broken for immediate results.

015. I changed my mind, I didn't book the numbing but I want to add it.

This SHOULDNT be a problem, contact your artist prior to your session and we can usually accommodate by ensuring someone is there to receive you an hour early and apply the cream.

016. HELP! I thought I was a thug but I'm halfway through my tattoo and i can't hang.  I don't want to feel this anymore.

It happens to the best of us! Don't bite down and sit through it if you don't have to ... If you decide during your session that you want to add the service, we should also be able to accommodate this.  Just let your artist know you want to add the numbing service and we will apply your cream after the outline has been completed (or during the process for longer tattoos).  You will be advised which price tier your tattoo falls into and we will collect the additional funds needed.


SMALL: $60
LARGE: $100


** price will be determined by artist based on size and duration of appointment

I'M IN ...


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