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Everyone's favorite question to ask while getting tattooed is how did i get started? Its a pretty funny story actually. I've been an artist my entire life as far back as i can remember.  I come from a family of artists--so drawing is in my DNA.  I came home one night and my neighbor had a kit in her basement tattooing someone.  So, I did what every normal person would do.  I said let me see that real quick ... and right then and there, without thinking twice I gave myself a tattoo on my forearm.  Is it still there to this day, and if you ask me (or my clients) it isn't so bad! It will stay on my arm forever as a constant reminder of my progress and to show that with time, hard work, passion and determination that you can do anything you want to!

I'm happy to say, fourteen years later, I am no longer tattooing in my neighbors basement and have developed my passion into a working business, evolved as an artist and established my own style! My current project is pouring my skills, lessons and knowledge into other women and creating a girl gang of amazing artists, with great customer service and even better vibes and energy. I love working with clients to help them design custom tattoos to help them commemorate people, places, events, stories and milestones in their life.


Jackie's specialties include portraits, post-mastectomy and tummy tuck scar coverups, and color on brown skin.


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