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Before you even submit a virtual consultation for pricing -- it is important to know and understand how we do things because it's very different from the average tattoo shop. Before you take the time to fill out a form to see how much it costs--be sure you are comfortable with how we operate. We love it, and so do our clients, but we do realize it's not for everyone! Bellow you will find a detailed description of our process so you know what to expect every step of the way!

The first step in the tattoo process is discovery. You want to find the perfect artist for you! Many people decide on a whom they want to get a tattoo and enter the nearest studio without much thought. Some get lucky. If you want a timeless tattoo that you continue to enjoy and love over time, put more thought into the artist and concept than you do the price. After all, it will be on your forever. Look around at the portfolio of our work, get a feel for each artists style and how we operate with policies, processes and more! 

Once you've decided that you may want to use our services, the next step would be submitting an inquiry for a FREE virtual consultation (which you can find by scrolling through the content on this page). You will want to know the exact size dimensions of the tattoo you want and be able to convey through details every aspect you can provide to give us an understanding of your expectations. The pricing depends on the size (using inch increments), level of detail (picture reference is great if possible to show the style of tattoo you want, realism is very different than new school "cartoon" for example), if you want color and the location of your tattoo (if your tattoo isn't confined to an ordinary shape, you can easily show the area you want covered by taking a picture and using paint to section off the area you want covered).      In order to provide you with the most accurate estimate, we need to know very specific details. If you have any questions about the quote you were given, we ask that you review our "why the cost" page. During this correspondence, your artist will be able to recommend direction and input to come up with the best possible design for you. If for some reason, an idea cannot be expressed through email or text, at this time we can set up an in-person consultation at the shop at the artists discretion. This form and correspondence IS your virtual consultation.


OPTIONAL: We know sometimes feel more comfortable talking to a real person. Although we can't make this happen face to face, we can accommodate a video call. You are welcome to schedule a video virtual consultation with your artist AFTER you have summited your virtual consultation and artist has agreed all fields are filled out to completion. This is OPTIONAL you will be charged a $50 fee to schedule this consult and is limited to 10 minutes. All conversation will be documented and summarized in an email immediately following. To do this, request a virtual video consult link after finalizing your form with your artist.

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PAYMENT PLANS? TATTOO LAYAWAY We know the cost of a good tattoo and excellent service can be a bit pricy. We have the solution to fit your dream tattoo into your budget! Mention this option to your artist and break down the cost based on your needs.  How does it work? You'll schedule your tattoo as far out as you need to save for it.  You'll pay the deposit upon booking then break the balance down into payments based on your preference of how many/how much so that your tattoo is paid in full prior to your appointment.

Once we have come up with an idea for your tattoo and an understanding of one another and you want to secure your services, you will be sent a link to book your own appointment. During this time, you will also select if you want to add numbing service or an aftercare kit. The deposit of 35% of the total is applied to the cost. This non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit goes towards the "digital deliverable" of your sketch and be deducted from your total. [Please understand that this 35% allows the artist to st5art drawing--it is non-refundable even if you do not get the tattoo because you are paying for the design phase]. The balance is due upon arrival to your appointment, before your session begins. Please note that if a deposit is not left at the time of booking, the appointment is NOT set in stone. If anything changes and you cannot make it, you will need to provide 72 hours notice in order for your deposit to be applied to another specified date for the same service. The terms and conditions are listed on the invoice as well as here, please read it carefully. Immediately following your booking through the website, you will receive a confirmation email with more details. Please check your spam for it if need be it will be sent to whatever email address you used to register for the booking site.




The research and design faze are next. During the days and weeks approaching your tattoo, you can send us ideas, reference pictures and more while we develop a sketch and blueprint for your tattoo. Please note that any final changes to your tattoo concept/idea must be made within 72 hours of your appointment. If you are getting a coverup tattoo, it is important to realize that it cannot always be drawn on paper as a whole. Sometimes it needs to be adjusted to fit over the current tattoo, so you may not have a finalized sketch, it may be bits and pieces that have to be patch-worked together in person, but you will still be able to see the design elements and hear how they will be collaborated for your final piece. All of the directions in step four of this process will be emailed to you in your confirmation. PLEASE BE AWARE, YOU ARE RECEIVING A SKETCH, OR THE OUTLINE, OF YOUR TATTOO. IT IS WHAT WE USE TO CREATE THE STENCIL TO PUT THE DESIGN ON YOU. THE SHADING WILL NOT BE PICTURED, BUT WE USE THE DOTTED LINES WITHIN THE TATTOO SKETCH TO RECREATE THE SHADING DISCUSSED OR DIRECTED FROM REFERENCE PHOTOS.



OPTIONAL: You are welcome to schedule a video virtual consultation with your artist between the research and design phase and receiving your sketch. This is OPTIONAL--you will be charged a $50 fee to schedule this consult and is limited to 10 minutes. All conversation will be documented and summarized in an email immediately following. To do this, using the same booking link we sent you--scroll down to video virtual consultation and select your artist's name and pre-appt virtual consult.

You will receive an automated appointment alert 3 days before your appointment, to the email used when creating an account. Please note that if you book an appointment within 72 hours of the tattoo appointment date, you will not receive this alert and you will not receive a sketch within the 48-72 hours as promised, although our artists will work diligently to produce a sketch that you will receive prior to your appointment —please still be advised to expect a sketch, arrive 15-minutes early (or one hour early if numbing). The address and directions will be sent in the email but is also on the main page for convenience. We have a 15-minute grace period before cancelling/rescheduling your appointment, so it is important to allow for traffic and other unexpected circumstances. There are no children allowed in the shop (this includes babies). The balance of your tattoo is due prior to the start of your session. If you have not filled out the waiver online prior to your appointment, please be sure to bring a valid state issued ID (and proper documentation if you are a minor/guardian). Please make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing to allow easy access to the area being tattooed. Please do not come intoxicated, you may not drink while getting tattooed and smoking is prohibited in the shop.


You have finally sat through the pain and walked out of the tattoo studio with the tattoo of your dreams! Now what? Now it's time to ensure that your gorgeous new piece of artwork stays that way! The healing of your tattoo is the final aspect of your art piece.  The opinions and advice given are endless, and there are more experts out there than tattoos. Since we guarantee our work, we ask you to follow our advice and not your buddy's that has three tattoos. Just as with a psychiatrist, you'll probably never get the same advice or instructions from different artists. But after many years of combined experience, you will find this information very beneficial in healing your unique tattoo!




Be sure you've also read through our "FAQ" page before submitting a virtual consultation, a lot of your questions have already been answered there!

Once you've reviewed our process and FAQ you can choose your artist and submit your virtual consultation!

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