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My yearning for artistic expression has been here all my life.  Design, hair, painting, sewing, music, theater…all run deep.  It was always trapped under life’s responsibilities and a demanding career.  I set intentions to turn the next chapter of my life into one I love and adore and here I am… a freakin tattoo apprentice! I always joke that Pretty in Ink (Jackie) kidnapped me and made me do this, but I know this path is intentional. I started as a client in the shop and turned into a friend. 5 years later I have the honor of learning from the baddest chicks in the game. I was bitten by the tattoo bug at 14.  I was always the friend that designed and drew meaningful tattoos for you. I’d also always be called on to help decide placement…guess it was always in the cards for me…I just wasn’t reading them yet.


Tressa is our newest apprentice and is currently in her linework phase, offering free linework tattoos under 3x3" in black ink only.


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