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I am a client, turned good friend, and now I have the honor of learning from my friend, with a group of amazing women who I also call friends. I like  to describe myself as all things creative, from refurbishing furniture, doing hair, nails, and makeup, to recreating just about anything I see, I’m an all-around DIYer. There has never been a project I’ve said I couldn’t do. I’m always prepared with the most random items and snacks in my bag for whomever may be in need. My journey to become a tattoo artist started in 2019 and has been a dream of mine for many years, I am loving being able to express my creativity in this art form.

Those closest to me would describe me as focus driven, passionate, caring, family oriented, trustworthy, diligent, humanitarian, creative, fear chaser, honest, loyal, dependable, intelligent, frugal, funny, kind, determined, humble, and graceful. I look forward to using all these attributes to help heal and add life through the art of tattooing.


Nicole's specialty is henna, mandalas and chandelier dangles.


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