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Since the day of my 18th birthday I have been getting pierced and tattooed at least once a year…each. Some have called me a pin cushion, lol. I’ve always been fascinated by body art and the art of the body. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be the piercer or tattoo artist but never sought to pursue the venture. I meet Jackie & Nicole through my dear cousin Tressa during an axe throwing party back in 2019 and we clicked instantly that night. Post kidney donation during the pandemic, I had a cover up tattoo done by Jackie and we got a little closer that day as well. Two weeks later I’m back in her chair for my second Jackie piece…and months later my legs are in the air for Ms. Taé, lol. Let’s just say…this was my initiation into the PII Girl Gang and about a month or two later…here I am! With the guidance and teaching of these ladies, I am now the official Pretty In Ink Piercer and Executive Assistant to Jackie…better known as The Brand. 


I see body piercings as decoration…like ornaments on a Christmas tree. I am passionate about my craft and enjoy discussing with my clients how they’re piercing of choice may act as a form of therapy…acupuncture even…for chronic pain, migraines and other ailments. Book a session with yours truly to get “Adorned by Semaj”


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