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  • submitted a black friday virtual consult and have gotten a reply confirming design/price and received this booking link from a pretty in ink staff member to book.

  • Read through the black friday page on our website and understand the terms and conditions and restrictions of this sale

if you've made it to this page it means you've already



In moving forward with booking, we want to make sure you understand:

  • You are booking for the specific tattoo you inquired about and will be locked in to a price point. Of course, through the research and design phase you will be able to make changes to your tattoo idea and sketch—however, when youreserve you are locked into the price point given to you along with this booking link.

  • When placing a deposit during booking—the “deposit” is the cost of us drawing out your tattoo. This deposit is non refundable as you are simply at this point paying for us to research and design your tattoo and block off some time in our schedule to perform the tattoo. Therefore—this deposit is also non transferable (to another person or another tattoo concept/idea)


  • no coverups, no portraits, no scar coverups and no tattoos in intimate places.

  • prices do not include tax

  • a non-refundable deposit is required to book.

  • to receive this sale, tattoos must be booked for black friday

  • There will be no service provided to any late customer (yes, this means even 2 minutes late).  We recommend planning accordingly to account for traffic, parking, and getting lost.

lets get you 



In clicking this link to schedule, you are confirming that you read and understand the terms listed above!

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