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You’ve been super patient, its almost been a year since our last all day customer tattoo sale where we honor our current clients and welcome our new friends! In honor of our awesome tribe of clients and followers and all of the love and support you all continue to show us, we are ready to give you guys some AWESOME deals!

On Black Friday, we will be hosting our annual black Friday sale where you can get a $75 custom tattoo. You just have to follow two little R rules!



WE NEED YOUR HELP! We think the world should know about Pretty In Ink and we need you to help spread the world by sharing your tattoo home and recruiting members of the girl gang! To qualify, please repost this banner to your instagram and leave it up until the tattoo sale on November 24! Don't worry, this sale is first come first served so as long as you submit your inquiry first--you'll get an appointment.

**We will ask for you to upload proof of reposting the sale during the booking inquiry--you will upload a screenshot and we will check on your page.  Please do not submit proof any other way as we will not be able to match it to your inquiry any other way due to the high volume of emails for the sale. Thank you!



After your experience we ask that you leave us an open and honest review on google, yelp or facebook (or all 3 if you really love us) to help our small business continue to grow and thrive. 

EASY, right?

PLEASE NOTE: this sale has booked up all slots in the first 24 hours of posting before, so do not wait to submit your inquiry, lock down an appointment slot and send to any of your friends!



so what do I get for 


Before we go any further--its $75.  Think about what a $75 tattoo might look like. Chances are if you think it's way too much for $75 you are probably right.


We don't have restraints as far as size, the less detailed something is--the bigger it can be. However, if you need a parameter--we would suggest considering tattoos under 3 inches with minimal shading and single color. Remember--this is a general guideline, there may be tattoos eligible outside of this.

$75 + UP

In the likelihood that your tattoo does not apply within the $75 range--if the artist thinks they can get it done within the half hour window, we can let you know how we can accommodate your request with the addition of $25 price increments.


no coverups, no portraits, no scar coverups and no tattoos in intimate places.

prices do not include tax

a non-refundable deposit is required to book.

to receive this sale, tattoos must be booked for black friday



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you want in?

PLEASE NOTE: this sale is first come first served. There is limited availability.  After submitting this inquiry, we will respond within 24-48 hours either confirming that your tattoo qualifies and giving you instructions to book--or we will let you know how your idea can be modified to book with instructions to book.  

You may "request" an artist but you are not guaranteed to be put with them (although we will try our hardest to make sure your requests are accommodated).  We will be assigning clients in order so each artist has the same amount of bookings during the sale day.

Please note that you are booking this appointment with a non-refundable deposit for the tattoo request you are submitting here.  With the high volume of inquiries and commotion of the day--changes to your design idea are not permitted. Deposits are non-transferable and can only be used for the tattoo requested and confirmed for booking on black Friday..

We will be offering additional promotions on numbing, aftercare and merchandise and details will go out prior to the event




Of course we are always trying to make our sales bigger and better to serve our amazing clientele! This year we have a pretty in ink mystery box option add on.  You normally pay $85 alone for the small numbing and aftercare when you come -- for just $15 more we're giving you a piece of pretty in ink apparel and a piece of pretty in ink merch! WHAT A DEAL! To add this option on, after you use the link to follow the rules and submit a consult, you''ll be given a booking link.  During booking you'll have the option to add on this mystery box by simply checking the box and selecting your apparel size!

Grab your Slot

Use the links below to Inquire about your black Friday tattoo or henna. Once you have submit an inquiry, please allow 72 hours for our staff to respond. Once we approve desired tattoo, you will be sent a booking link to reserve your appointment slot on November 24th, 2023.

piercing and tooth gem booking links will be active by Monday October 30th.


Simone Woods


Nicole Yang

Tooth Gem

Calvin Smith


Suzanne Levis

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