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for the FREEquent flyHER

Giving you all the "tea" on traveling on a budget

Here are just a few of the budget travel gems you'll get when you download this book!

  • How to get a quick look at how much a trip will cost in minutes

  • The best flight search tools

  • Extensive directions for how to use google flights

  • three types of travelers and how to search based on your travel style

  • the best way to pick your destination & flights

  • Which days are the cheapest to travel domestic and international

  • Booking trips for groups/families

  • Budget Airlines pros and cons

  • intercontinental travel for the low low

  • Currency and Location hacks

  • Worry-free booking with free cancellation and refunds to lock in a deal

  • Fare alerts--when to use them and why to set them

  • Beginers guide to points and easy ways to rack up on them with things you ALREADY do and buy

  • Helpful websites and apps to take your travel to the next level

  • Worksheets and Lists for travel budget, packing, itinerary and outifts

  • What airlines owe you--how you can be compensated by the airlines!

  • Packing tips and items you need!

Pre-Order Sale




This pays itself off within your first travel--you'll save hundreds of dollars with the knowledge gained!


25% off until the ebook goes live. 

The book is set to be available for download between June 1-15! Purchase your copy now at this great sale price and receive a copy of the e-book as soon as it hits the shelves.

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